Societal Problems in India – Child Abuse

Every act of violence that takes place in our society takes us a step closer to inhumanity. There may be forgiveness for violence of state terrorism or violence of addiction to drugs or domestic violence but violence of child abuse is an unforgiveable crime. It is the goriest of all criminalities and currently our society seems to be at war with it.

A child is sexually abused every 15 minutes in India. National Crime Records Bureau reports reveal that the number of incidents against children have risen drastically. The numbers are haunting and a girl child as young as 4 months has been shown hell.


Reasons why child abuse is still rampant in the country

Sex is considered to be a stigma that shouldn’t be discussed in the family

Child abuse in India often stems from within the family and known people who we meet every day. Children are taught to take up obedient and acquiescent roles towards their parents throughout their lives and they are usually not comfortable discussing sex with their elders.

Parents must encourage an environment in the home where the child can comfortably talk about any type of abuse that they experience. Supportive parents and guardians can learn about abuse in its early stage and take necessary actions so that the children do not have to suffer it several times.

Child protection laws aren’t far-reaching enough

The number of cases of child abuse in the home is hard to get because most of them are not reported.  Our society fosters a belief that family and parents are the only caretakers of the child. This reduces the outreach of child protection strategies and laws where needed.


Impacts of Child Abuse

Imagine being taken advantage of as a small kid? The extent of physical and emotional trauma that a child undergoes cannot be comprehended. Childhood is the happiest times in our lives, imagine draining away those happy thoughts and leaving a black hole in its place for life. Abusing a child is immorality at absolute.

Emotional trauma

Child abuse can have long-lasting impacts on a child’s well-being. It can tip the balance of their mind, make them extremely emotional or rob them of their innocence. Poor mental health, constant unhappiness and an increase in suicidal behaviour is often noticed in children who suffer abuse. In future, it also impacts their relationships causing further suffering in their lives.

Children often grow up to show personality disorders, aggressiveness, anxiety disorders, low self-esteem and disassociation.

Social exclusion

Most victims of child abuse prefer isolation, shunning the society and living in desolation in order to avoid questions or repetition of the past events. This can greatly strain their lives.

Physical impacts

Children may suffer abuse in the form of physical violence where they may end up with lifelong disabilities. They may also suffer sexual difficulties which can impact their relationships.


We must end this social evil

Let us not keep quiet. We must raise our voices – not only for our kids but those who are on the streets too. Evil lurks not only in the society but in our families too. Make the kids aware about good and bad touch. The most important thing is to trust them and listen to them what they say. You don’t want to regret about anything later on.

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