Societal Problems in India – Population

As more and more people are stepping into the world the value of life is diminishing. We talk about feeding the hungry and ending poverty but with our population expanding at such a high rate how can the resources be balanced? The challenges of poverty, diseases, hunger, child labour, environmental destruction and many other such societal ills relies heavily on finding a solution for the growing population of our country.

Causes of Increased Population in India

  1. Early Marriage

 Child and early marriages in India are yet to end completely. They continue to remain common in the rural areas where young girls are married away as they reach adolescence and some even before that. Inadequate information regarding precautions for early pregnancy are unavailable with the young brides who end up mothering children who may eventually suffer the same fate. 

  1. Gender Biasness

Even till this day, most rural villages inculcate a prejudiced atmosphere with regard to the gender of a child. Male children are considered t be helping hands while female children are often seen as a burden for the family. While the society has been filling this gap for years now, a few villages continue to foster such biasness among the families. The want for a male child may urge the couple to bear more children than what their income could afford.

  1. Illiteracy

Illiteracy is still a problem in the rural areas and because of gender inequalities and poverty within families most children go uneducated. Boys are taken to fields or expected to engage in small factories to earn for their family. Girls do their household chores and look after the younger siblings or ailing grandparents. The lack of education serves as a hindrance when it comes to sound family planning.

  1. Income through child labour

This reason for overpopulation may sound absurd but it is true. Several poor families give birth to many children because they need them. Why do you think child labour is booming in our society? The earnings from the children add to their family income which helps them survive. But this can hardly suffice as a reason just enough to tip the ecological balance of Earth.

How to Control Overpopulation

Education, awareness programs, delayed marriages, women empowerment, development of agricultural industries in the rural areas and family planning are some of the ways to control the swarming population of India. Government of India has already taken several steps to keep a check on population. All government organizations supply contraceptives, women are paid to ensure spacing, they encourage Vasectomy, several family planning programs are in place; government schools give free education, food, clothes and books.

But when we have billions to reach then even so many measures seem to be less. Temple of India wishes to contribute to India’s prosperity by looking into such matters that fall within our reach. The task may be a challenging one but not an impossible one!


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