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We are connected in our fates. Our mutual love and respect for each other supports the framework of the country and establishes an identity for each one of us which lends uniqueness to our personality yet recognizes us by the country we live in.

India is remarkably diverse. Its diversity shines ingeniously in the many landscapes, the beautiful languages and the cultures spread through the length and breadth of the country. However, the beauty of its differences should not be mistaken as a reason to drive a wedge through the people of the country and encourage chaos.

More so, these striking variances of our country must be weaved together to create one huge and vibrant blanket of humanity that covers every single Indian from North to South and East to West without any bias of gender, caste or religion.

When the idea of Temple of India was first conceived in my mind, I realized how much we had to work on creating a country that stands united in all circumstances.

I have heard of several atrocities committed by people, rich and poor, towards their own fellow countryman. Every now and then I come across news which shows how easily we get caught in the tyranny of social classifications, gender biasness and labels of caste and religion.

Why are we blind to the love each one of us has in our hearts for our country? The largeness that encompasses our hearts when it comes to our love for India can diminish every difference and bias that people have created among us Indians.

Sometimes our ability to see ourselves as a part of a specific community or a particular section of the society happens to blind our ability to see every single person in the country as an Indian because our line of sight is limited only to the community we identify ourselves with. But why can we not see that we are all children of the same soil – the same country that nourishes the rich child also serves as home for the poor child.
It has been too long that we have been scathing the lives of our own countrymen.

Now is the time to change this. Now is the time to stand up and take responsibility for the well-being of the society we live in. Let us free the country of the clutches of hunger and poverty and in small yet steady steps let us progress towards creating an India where every person is respected as an Indian and there is no home for differences of religion, gender, or class. We must join hands to create a platform where every Indian has an equal say and where each one of us can appeal to the government and affiliated organizations without fear of being ignored.

You may feel overwhelmed with this dream that I am describing to you, but with determination, no dream can be too big to be achieved. At this time, Temple of India is in its embryonic phase. As an NGO that has just started its journey, here are the ways in which we plan to move towards our goals:

Food drives to feed the poor and needy

If you are able to enjoy three meals a day and earn enough to support yourself and your family, then consider taking up the responsibility of feeding at least one needy person every day. Set aside food especially to give it away to a hungry child on the street. Make this a moral duty. When you do this every day, that child will eventually rely on the food you provide to him or her. This will help you realize how much that food means to the child. The contentment you will experience from being able to see that child smile every time you come to him or her will be invaluable.

Go as far as your income allows you. Feed one or feed ten depending on how much you can set aside for the poor but begin making this difference. Every single act of social responsibility helps us create a stronger more stable country where the eradication of poverty can seem possible.

To create awareness among every citizen of India

Awareness is the first step in taking up a social cause. I believe that awareness should begin at the elementary level of our society – the children. When we educate children about the social scenario and help them understand the ways in which they can work towards improving the country then we have a chance of creating future citizens who’ve been brought up with the knowledge that they must set aside a certain part of their income to help others in need.

The age-old adage, charity begins at home, is exemplary of the fact that children must learn about giving from their homes. Make it a habit for them to giveaway gently used toys to other children and encourage them to set aside food for a child on the streets. You can also lead by example and tell them of the ways in which you giveaway a part of your income, food or gently used clothes.

To empower the underprivileged

We have an excellent framework of policies and regulations that govern the country. Quite sadly, these policies aren’t easily understood by the underprivileged who are often unable to present their case before authorities effectively enough.

People in position and power have access to lawyers, advocates, online information and other sources like books of laws and policies to help them understand and interpret the extent of the laws.

Temple of India’s goal is to empower the underprivileged by providing them access to a platform through which they can appeal to law enforcement authorities and also take the help of lawyers and advocates to understand how a law impacts or affects them.

To provide sustainable solutions

We can feed a person a day and be happy about the good deed we performed, or we can provide the needy with a means to feed their family and we would never have to look back and worry that they may go hungry. This can be in the form of a job, education or a professional training.

This will ensure that the person can support his or her family and it also secures the future generations of the family since they will now be a part of the working class or they may have a small business to run.


Temple of India is a labour of love. The dream is big and our goals have a long way to go. I urge you all to support this cause and help us rebuild our country on the lines of humanity, social responsibility, acute awareness of the existing situation of the country and the will to grow together, urging every countryman to reach out for success without sparing a thought for gender, class, and religion. As proud Indians, let us create the India of our dreams.

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