Children – The Foundation on Which the Future of Our Country Rests

“There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope”, Bernard Williams profoundly defines hope and its ability to shine brightly through if not all the time then at least at times when it is most needed.

Envision the contentment of being the hope for the lesser advantageous part of the society.

There is so much darkness around us but the height that we stay in blurs things below. Our busy schedules and status in the society keep us from seeing a lot of reality that is happening around us.

Placing a ten rupee note in the hands of a child begging at the traffic light is not going to elevate his or her status. We need to have a broader conception on how to actually do something for them in a way that doesn’t just end their hunger problem for a day or two. We have to find a way where they can stop seeing life as a torment where they beg day and night to stay alive.

Like our kids they are also the future of India.

They are human beings who don’t want to get beaten because they couldn’t finish their daily chores at your home. They don’t want to be butchered for organs. They don’t want to be objects for sexual pleasure. They don’t want to curl up in the corners of street bearing the harsh weathers. And they don’t want to become criminals either.

Their place is in schools wearing decent clothes, getting three meals a day, having a roof to stay under, running around in the playground smiling with friends and having an aim in life.

Let them not dwindle away in the darkness of this cruel society. We can be their sunrise and their hope. Together with us you can help these children get a better future.  A future where they are not deprived instead they stand strong at the face of life.

Temple of India wishes to carve the path for these young souls and you can be a part of this objective. As Nelson Mandela said, “There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats it children.”

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