Food Distribution Drive – April 7, 2018

Hunger is not a problem, it is an atrocity. None of us need to wait for a sign before we take a step ahead to make the world a better place. Amongst the many causes for which Temple of India has been founded, is to feed the hungry. One of the best feelings is, knowing that we can make a huge difference by helping end hunger in India; a goal which may certainly be within our hold. Temple of India held a Food Distribution Drive on April 7, 2018 at Kharghar, Navi Mumbai. We helped 100 people get a nutritious meal for the day. These belonged to families who live on the streets without any proper shelter or food to eat. They sell flowers at the traffic lights to earn a measly amount that can help them survive. The children beg or do odd jobs along with their parents to survive the harsh life of Mumbai. Deprived of food, decent clothes and education, they implored us to help them find a sustainable means of life. With some skills and empowerment the men and women from these underprivileged families can have a decent life. Their children can attend schools and grow up to be responsible citizens who can also give back to the community. With your support we can develop programs where men and women can be trained to get skilled jobs. Temple of India will have weekly Food Distribution Drives and reach out to as many impoverished families like these as possible. Still in our nascent stage we endeavour to do so much more for the deprived who lead despairing lives on the streets of India. Hunger claims millions of lives every year. Let us have humanity prevail over this weapon of destruction. Temple of India hopes to banish hunger from our society – Are you with us?  
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