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India, a country proud of each of its residents, is also a country divided by cultures, castes and religions. Several events in India’s historic past have been centered on religion. But never has a religion encouraged the lack of humanity in our actions. Every religion teaches and preaches of humanity as foundational stone in a community.

Temple of India is a hope, a wish, an endeavour to unite every Indian in the spirit of the Nation.

The desire is to spark the fire of Patriotism in every Indian Soul so that every individual stands as one against the evils of the Society making our Country outshine the Rest not just in terms of Development but in terms of Humanity.

We Can Change The World

The Fridge Project

Why shove the Food down the bin when it can nourish a hungry child? Set aside extra food in the community fridge and don’t let a child on the street sleep hungry ever.

 I’m Not an Urchin Project

Orphans on the street are often mistreated and abused. Waiting at a traffic signal, did you just ignore their petty state too? They are not urchins and they deserve a warm home too.

The Awareness Project

Ignorance is the biggest enemy of Social Development in the Country. Let us join hands to spread awareness through the length and breadth of India.

The School Project

Children are the future of any Country. Educating children helps us make way for a Country that values Knowledge and encourages it among people of all Social Strata.

Let’s Work Together!

Give a little & change a lot.

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Volunteer to transform their lives and enable them to look forward to a brighter future. Every act of kindness will help us fill back the vast ocean of humanity.